A Dear Wish…

“That there should exist one other person in the world towards whom all openness of interchange should establish itself, from whom there should be no concealment; whose body should be as dear to one, in every part, as one’s own; with whom there should be no sense of Mine or Thine, in property or possession; into whose mind one’s thoughts should naturally flow, as it were to know themselves and to receive a new illumination; and between whom and oneself there should be a spontaneous rebound of sympathy in all the joys and sorrows and experiences of life; such is perhaps one of the dearest wishes of the soul.”

-Edward Carpenter

In today’s world, where tolerance levels have gone alarmingly low, monogamy has lost the earlier significance, people shifting from one relationship to another with dangerous ease, sensitivity and unquestioning honesty has taken a backseat…Is the above quote valid or is it a rare occurrence?

In my own life, comparatively short and therefore lacking in experience though it is, I have known both personally and vicariously a great deal of mental stress and pain that might have been prevented by timely knowledge. It was due to searching for the right in the wrong choices. And even the relationships around me that I’ve viewed in close quarters fail to do justice to the above quote. The faith in the existence of such a love falters at times. But the world thrives on hope…and so do I.

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