Why I Write?

The answer remains migratory in the following passage by Orhan Pamuk:

“I write because I have to write. 
I write because I am in love with the world.
I write because my tongue is too wet and sloppy a tool for the elegance of language and because I feel more comfortable speaking through two splayed hands, through the pianoing dance of my fingertips.
I write because the world is created through language and story and because I have a role to play in weaving the future.
I write because I believe in the human beings around me with a passion so intense and so vivid and so bright that I can’t help but want to reach them, and I want to reach not just them, but every future generation, and to tell them to keep trying and dreaming and striving, because it is worth it, and because the only way we can know each other is through these stories.
I write to discover myself.
I write because there is no other way.
I write because I would go crazy otherwise.
I write because I am crazy.
I write because I need to make sense of the hideous intricacy of the universe.
I write because I am happy.
I write because I am in pain.
I write because of the sheer joy of it.
I write because sometimes it is the only thing that keeps me here.
I write because, right now, I am breathing, and I can feel the beating of my heart within the rise and fall of my ribcage.
And I write because moths drink the tears of sleeping birds.

Orhan Pamuk

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