Unspecified Hiatus

I will refrain from blogging for an unspecified period of time. I go through erratic periods of isolation from any social contact, phone calls, mails, social networks, and blogging. One such phase has been long due, since I find myself blogging a quite too frequently, even for my own liking. I don’t like the content myself, it’s just a hollow shell of stupid wishes and self-analysis, without any real content. 
It’s supposed to be a personal blog, highlighting the joys of reading, heartfelt personal essays, travelogues, creative writing, movie reviews etc. Post exam, I suddenly find myself with abundant time, and when I’m not reading, I am blogging. The blog has turned into nothing more than online diary entries, that makes me cringe in retrospect. Where are my stories and poems? Where are the stories of people I come across? I am unable to penetrate this fog of self-interest that has surrounded me lately.
So, I will put blogging on a hold. I will write in my diary instead, I received a new one from flipkart today. I will try to write a few stories or poems. I will edit and re-edit them, till it satisfies me. Or maybe I would take a break from writing altogether for a short while. I don’t know yet.
I am disturbed about certain things. I am embarrassed about certain things too, however unintended and bewildering they had been. I am unable to concentrate on anything. Some realizations had hit hard. I need to purge out this emotional turbulence from my mind and not let it pour on my writings. I want to read something totally unrelated to what I usually read. I want a clean slate. I need to sort out things with myself.
I hope at least a few of the readers who lurk around my blog will miss me and await my return to blogging.

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