Why I need a spade?

I’ve an all important exam coming up in four months, and I don’t dare procrastinate when it comes to preparation.One of the downside (or upside) about having a blog is that, I feel like writing despite the questionable presence of readers.

This feeling can be hazardous to exam preparation as random ideas come to me when I’m supposed to be memorizing latest drug names and their actions. And once an idea unfurls and words crowd to shape it, supreme effort is required to curb the temptation of blogging about it. I have never been good at curbing temptations and would toss my books away to start typing furiously. And since I also have the attention span of a hyperactive five year old locked in the world’s largest toy store after an overdose of sugar stimulants and an espresso shot, I tend to digress from writing my blog post to read my favourite blogs, check weird cat photos on facebook, go through every item on my google reader and follow twitter trends!

By the time I push the ‘publish‘ button, a particular species of fly (I forget the name now) had completed its life cycle and I tear the hair out of my already sparsely populated scalp in frustration. Time waits for no one and its mocking at me even now as I type these words, “1 minute = 1 MCQ“! So for the next four months, I’ll activate my facebook profile, write a blog post, update my twitter status, read my favourite blogs and revel in everything the world wide web has to offer only once a month or maybe in December or when something worth writing about occurs.

Where’s the spade? I need to bury my laptop in an undisclosed location.

3 thoughts on “Why I need a spade?”

  1. …. but you don't know that some may be still reading your blog posts on the other side of the globe, and that is the beauty of blogging :-)So don't procrastinate… and type away.

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