4am Haiku

A lone maple leaf,

Orange in a sea of grey,
He caught my eye.

I wait for the sun,
My room will glow orange,
Like the brewing tea.
Long winter night,
A tear soaked pillow,
Dry by morning.
An empty inbox,
With a thousand mails;
 I wait yet again.
To a day in June,
Wind back all the clocks,
He sat beside me.

A withering past,
Turns a fresh page of life, 
I draw a rainbow.
Pine tree woodlet,
A home in the hills,
Love has an address.

A sunlit fjord,
Eyes alight with laughter;
Many drowned.

3 thoughts on “4am Haiku”

  1. Every bit…every phrase…so radiant n full of life ..all I can say is..Like a Dream of a rising sun,blessed with a tender heart.Like the softness of a butterfly,or a walk through the wet park.Like the Touch of an angel,filled with colours of Life.This virtual reality of yours…keeps me deluded all day all night

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