The first few minutes of being “24”.

Pampered and immensely loved all my life. Blessed with best friends who also happen to be my parents; a younger sister who is the only person who knows me inside out and loves me despite it and an aunt who never lets me forget the little girl in me. And then there are my two soul sisters (yes, I do believe in that term), with whom I can relish the joy of silence without being compelled to indulge in mindless, superficial chatter. My kid cousins, whom I love a lot and I can’t remember what my world was like before those two were born. A career in the noble profession of medicine, a library full of books, a soul yearning to travel the world, a heart rejoicing at simple pleasures, an ambition to write, and contentment at creating my own happiness.

I’ve been on an emotional roller-coaster ride for the past four years. Dealing with my obsessive compulsive disorder which fuels anxiety and panic at the slightest stress; learnt a lesson too late about trusting people too easily; was misunderstood a million times; hurt my loved ones more than I ever intended; studies suffered for more than a year due to my OCD; came close to nearly losing my father in May…I wasn’t happy being 23.

But as I always say…the world thrives on hope and so do I.

Being 24 is going to be good.

Very, very good.

Note: Caught up with studies and exams the past few months and this will continue till January. Will get back to blogging as soon as my exams are over.

10 thoughts on “24…”

  1. hey, happy birthday….hru doing…i have so many questions to asku…where have u gone n all….ping me sometime online..tk care, n have a blast!

  2. @ AmitThanks, Amit.Long time. I'm doing good. Busy with exams and few tasks I'd been delaying for long. How's you? I've not been online lately. Would get back to blogging soon as soon as life settles into a normal pace again. Take care 🙂

  3. thats ok, but ru doing internship and where? all the best, love to read u, and u deleted ur last post which mentioned me. Gosh, i thought i was getting popular 😀

  4. Hey :-)Danced into your blog and in love with it already! And I turned 24 three weeks before you :-)Will keep dropping by now…do take care!And yeah,Happy Birthday!Cheers,Misha 🙂

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