"Things I wish I hadn’t said in school" aka "What was I thinking?!?"

1. “I am absent”

(In response to the query why I’d not submitted my homework the day before)

2. “Miss, she took my copy and (longest pause of my life as I’d the sudden realization that I didn’t knew about the existence of the word ‘tore’) fali dile.”

(‘Fali dile’ is the Assamese translation of ‘tore it’)

3. “My mother is blind”.

(Because I couldn’t explain to the teacher that my mother is myopic and had difficulty helping me with the school project at night)

4.“Pride has a fall.”

(Because the two guys sitting immediately in front of me were making a huge racket and I wanted to say something to quieten them!)

5. “Sir, I can’t attend the sports drill today.”
“Personal problem of a girl, Sir.”

(And worse…I used the ‘personal problem’ excuse nearly three times a month and felt smug about conning the PT teacher!)

6. Teacher: “How come you failed on the spelling test?”
Me: “Because I was trying to fail the guy who sat next to me!”

(Once there was a spelling test, and the guy sitting next to me didn’t know anything and was trying to copy from me. I thought I would mislead him, and deliberately wrote the wrong spellings which he copied while I was sniggering all the time. Then the teacher announced we have only two minutes left to submit our papers. I panicked. I erased all the wrong answers and she took the copy from me before I could write down even a single spelling. The guy who sat next to me and I, both of us scored ‘zero’ on the spelling test. But the teacher said at least he attempted to write the spellings, while I submitted a blank sheet! My parents were called to school the next day!)

7. “I couldn’t wear the sports shoes today because my mother gave them to the barber.”


8. Teacher to me: “Nice Haircut. Who cut it?”
Me: “Mistry!”

(I was seven, and my father used to take me along with him to the local saloon, where the barber was called ‘Mistry’ by everyone as is the habit in India to call the common workmen so. I hadn’t learned the word ‘barber’ yet!)

9. My friend: “He called me names. He called me a cow.”
Me: (in all seriousness) “Don’t feel bad. At least he didn’t call you a lizard or crow. Cow is a useful animal. You can give milk and dung to everyone!”

(Our friendship wasn’t as strong as earlier after that pep up talk I gave my friend)

10. “Avoidable reasons” on my absent note.

(I missed school one day because I overslept. I vaguely recalled a friend once writing “avoidable” or something on her absent note. She had written‘Unavoidable reasons’. It was a big word for me and I could only recall it entirely. Thankfully, the teacher had a sense of humor and didn’t scold me)

21 thoughts on “"Things I wish I hadn’t said in school" aka "What was I thinking?!?"”

  1. All of them seem like \’avoidable\’ quotes 😀 But they\’re unavoidably funny! Especially the spelling test and the cow thing! :D(New here. Liked it. Now following 🙂 )

  2. @ Smitalol! That was funny. And ya, all those did happen to me…mostly in primary school, when I had a tough time getting the hang of the English language and my explanations often got misinterpreted. It happens even now at times. I am so bad at languages!

  3. @ Arslan You bet they were \”avoidable\”! I cringe at just the thought of them now! And worse, some the quotes my friends would remember for life! Thanks for dropping by my blog and following it 🙂

  4. LOL!!!..that was hillarious!.. \”cow is a useful animal\”..hhaha… soo sweet! :pI loved this post of yours.. put a biiig smile on my face :Dkeep writing!love…mwah!!ps..can u tell me ur real name pls… 🙂

  5. How\’d you even remember any of this?!!! Please add a disclaimer at the top of such posts. That way we can avoid reading in office. This one had me laughing so hard, I almost got thrown out of my cubicle!Hilarious and nostlagic!!

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