North -East India…Where does it stand compared to the rest of India?

This is the first discussion on this blog. I recently read an article about the neglect that North East India has faced compared to the rest of India. And the questions that plague my mind are “why is it so”, and “why for so long”?

Here’s the link:

N(orth) E(ast)-glected

I’d like to know your opinion on this issue. From the people of this region to the ones from rest of India on how they view this region, and their awareness and interest in knowing about the eastern most part of their own country. Awaiting your comments.

And here’s a link of a travel blog on North-East. Discover the wonderfulness that is this region, people.

Musings from the North-East

10 thoughts on “North -East India…Where does it stand compared to the rest of India?”

  1. Thank you for bringing this up. I would really like to see a level headed discussion on this from people. There are so many aspects to this that instead of trying to put down all my thoughts here, let me reiterate an incident I was part of when I joined engineering college 11 years back. The place was Allahabad, U.P. When the clerk asked me for my home state during the admission process (it was an REC, I mean NIT, so there were state quotas), I said Assam. And his reply was – \’Yes, I know Assam, but which state in Assam are you from?\’ That left me speechless back then, but I laugh at it now when I think about it. At the risk of generalizing, it probably expresses what is lacking regarding awareness about the North East.

  2. That\’s one of the main reasons…lack of awareness of the region. Our identity is mostly as the collective \”North-east\” (the seven wonders of India awards ceremony conducted by NDTV is an recent example)…I can bet many would be shocked to know that it consists of seven states! I\’m from Assam and I\’ve felt a twinge of alienation when visiting \”ROI\” and am quite surprised at the lack of awareness about North-east by the people of \”ROI\”. On a trip to Mysore a couple asked me where I was from, and I replied \”Guwahati\”. Their response was \”Is it in Gujrat?\”!!!Seriously! It\’s not that this couple\’s IQ was questionable but it\’s the general disinterest in the going-ons in NE India that shocks and at times appalls me. I have often been asked, \”you\’re from NE, then how come you don\’t have slanted eyes\”!! WTH! News flash for Rest of India: Elephants are not the main mode of transport in the jungle that you consider as NE, people are quite well-educated and surprise, surprise…have the same interests and hobbies that you may have, are more aware about ROI even while the reverse isn\’t true always, isn\’t terrorist ridden and unsafe, and yes we are equally enthusiastic about the Bollywood and Indian politics mania that grapples the rest of India. NE usually comes in news only when a bomb blast occurs! Get to know the region, people…we are Indians too. And, the laziness or whatever that causes people to collectively term us as NE, instead of mentioning the individual states irks me no end. Sure, it\’s a sisterhood of states but each state is quite diverse from the other.

  3. Ask me… I have been in three states of the North-East for extended periods. When people ask me whether head-hunting still exists in Nagaland or whether it still rains for weeks in Assam, it pains me. Most Indians know more about the US of A than the North-East.

  4. I hear ya… and I know that the so called democratic country has always ignored a good part of its citizens for long :(I wish things change in the near future :)take care… cheers…

  5. Hmmm well since I am an ROI in here 😛 I would like to agree with the fact that NE India has been under rated a lot. As a child I used to think that the whole eastern part of India was only Kolkatta 😐 I know it sucks.. But I have seen so many news about the North East that I do feel the urge to know more. There are also some ads promoting tourism but they are aired on Doordarshan and hardly anyone watches that. The bottom line is that I would like to know more about NE India and hence I am going to start off by visiting that link above right after I post this comment.

  6. @ ArvThat all depends on the politicians prioritization of which vote bank to cash on. North East doesn\’t account for a lot of representatives in LS. Hence, happily ignored till elections. It pains me at times…this step-motherly attitude.

  7. @ Ashrita I don\’t blame you, girl. this is the general attitude. Lack of awareness about the region, poor utilization of tourism opportunities, and even the general apathy of people from North-East to make their voices heard and stand out…all accounts for it. Students from North-east has a harder time trying to fit in and adjust once they move out of their state because of the way their peers from ROI perceive them.

  8. I think its all lack of political will within the states. The strength of representation in the parliament is also another factor. Otherwise there is no reason why Assam, Manipur, Nagaland should not be the leading tourist destinations for people in india and people from outside.People boast of visiting places abroad; but I ask them bro have you seen India?If not then go to North East of India.

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