In My Perfect World, On My Perfect Date

Brisk Wind not Warm Breeze

Break of Dawn not Darkness of Dusk

Long Walk not Fancy Wheels

Uplifting Melody not Syrupy Love Song

Companionable Silence not Constant Chatter

Finger Food Platter not French Cuisine

Open Sky not Suffocating Spaces

Exploring Places not Candlelit Dinner

Loud Laughter not Forced Humor

Spontaneity not Calculated Moves

Quality of Time not Quantity of Time

Entwined Fingers not Groping Hands

The Kid in Him not The Macho Male

Creating Exhilarating Moments not Anticipating Sensual Moments

Genuine Words not Deceptive Promises

Shy Glances not Incessant Staring

Goofy not Grave

Genial, Never-ending Conversations not Frigid, Formal Talks

Lingering Contentment not Lingering Regrets

17 thoughts on “In My Perfect World, On My Perfect Date”

  1. Wow… As I read those lines… I had forgotten what they were about… it was still a beautiful experience to visualise through your words…certainly a good read for the day…take care and have a nice day mate… cheers…

  2. dear QM,you just made my day… what a nice post to read after a long day in the office…my first time here. loved it very very much… you write beautifully… hope to keep coming back for more…Take care and do visit…

  3. I LIKE french cuisine.. though of course finger food is easier. Nice post. I like guys who can be goofy but tough too. That is super i think šŸ™‚

  4. awwwwwwwwwwwwww this brings to mind all the perfect stuff for me i have in my mind.but yea some what mad ways and reasons i\’d say šŸ™‚

  5. @ arv glad you liked reading it@ girl next door hope it materializes for you soon enough :)@little girl lost thanks for dropping by my blog :)@crowscious ya…goofy and tough guys…and sensitive and trustworthy too…do they still make them like that anymore? if yes…i\’m first in line to order one!@ashrita thanks :)@Sebastian I know…Guys pretty much assume majority of girls like the inverse of many things on this list…and they are probably right too I guess in assuming so. I\’ve experienced the conventional perfect date! But I so wish they try to go out of the conventional candlelit dinner etc routine and go on a date that lasts all day long…just walking and talking!very \”before sunrise\” type.@ americanising desi I know there are some mad ways mentioned here! But that\’s how my perfect date would be! šŸ™‚

  6. I think men aren\’t all that creative… or rather, we\’re not fans of failing… we certainly don\’t want a girl to be disappointed.So, sadly, we go with societal norms — what we\’ve been taught by the media as \’expected\’ by girls.Some of my best dates have been sitting on a rock, overlooking the sea…

  7. … y'know… i had a date like this mere HOURS after commenting on this post!! it ticked almost ALL the boxes. i couldn't believe it!and yes, i was gushing to my roommate when i came home. and yes, i opened my laptop, showed her this post, and giggled as we totted up the dude's score.but… next morning i realised…'s not what i want either.>_< fucking hell! i drive myself nuts.

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