The Battle of Muesli vs Aloo Paranthas

When I woke up at four in the morning today and went for a long drive and then stopped at a park for a quick jog, I knew it was going to be one of those days. The more energetic the start to the day, the earlier the energy recess sets in. I gave a whole new meaning to the word “sloth” today. Amplified, magnified, hyperbolized, expanded, and inflated it’s meaning. Slept almost the whole day!

After the sudden burst of energy and strenuous physical activity in the morning, I decided to sustain that rare desire of doing something healthy. It was time to attack my daily diet after the attack on physical activity or rather the lack of it. Decided that breakfast will be a small bowl of muesli and a fruit instead of the usual parathas. My mother asked once again whether I was sure I didn’t want Aloo paranthas for breakfast. I was so charged up about fitness by now that I vehemently refused. It was 8am when I had breakfast and went around the house feeling quite smug about my new found enthusiasm for fitness after a long hiatus. I felt so good till I heard my stomach growl at 9 am! I tried to curb the temptation to reach for the paranthas by eating some high fiber biscuits which claimed to get rid of hunger in a jiffy. Struggled for an hour. Distracted myself from the thought of food by studying, but that was a disaster. I gave up after a while and binged on paranthas much to the amusement of my family. I tried to justify by saying that I would cut down on the calorie intake gradually, today was the wrong approach. I over-ate. And that resulted in immediate drowsiness. I usually spend Sundays catching up on my reading and watching movies, the only time I can fully indulge on my hobbies without feeling guilty. So after the meal, I sat down to watch one of my favorite movies, “The Breakfast Club” (coincidence??) but felt so drowsy, I slept off within few minutes. I woke up, had a quick shower, more food at lunch, and again felt drowsy and the vicious cycle continued till dinner time now. I had hardly been sleeping more than four hours per day in the past week and my body caught up on the lost sleep. But what’s distressing me is my poor resolve to stick to my fitness routine.

Lessons learnt:
1. After a long break in your fitness routine; build it up gradually, rather than doing everything at once. Adapt your body gradually.

2. Be realistic in your approach to cutting down calories. Especially when Aloo Paranthas are involved. And stick to your resolve. Don’t follow my example.

I’m sleeping off now. The sloth fairy hasn’t left me yet. And I’ve some really sore muscles tonight because of the long gap in exercising. I hope for a better start tomorrow. No Aloo Paranthas tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “The Battle of Muesli vs Aloo Paranthas”

  1. he he…hilarious!it happens with me all the time..whenever u think of following a healthy diet i end up eating all the fat food items at the end of the end…and yeah hope you had a good start today?

  2. Aloo favorite Indian breakfast… How i envy you for working out. It\’s been so long i have been planning to head the tracks but am still thinking.. May be one day i\’ll really go out and burn some fats…Have a nice day….

  3. \”Welcome\” to the world of fitness routine. Even I am into shedding those extra kilos…I never loved paranthas….God knows why after eating so less I am still so fat…Here is a new mantra that is helping me…1) exercise daily and gradually increase the time limit2) Eat healthy…you can even have paranthas if you like them…but don\’t put extra butter or ghee3) Most, importantly \”mind the GAP\”. First take a shower…at least one hour you are through with exercising….have breakfast after that…

  4. Yup ! I am also trying hard to loose that belly fat which I have gained sitting for long hours in the office. Since, I cannot go on diet, I compensate that by working out. Yoga, jogging and cycling are good options 🙂

  5. somehow its always easy to forget about everything else one u see a parantha in front of ur eyes!! at least that works for me!! 🙂

  6. @ aishu Ya,today was slightly better than yesterday in terms of keeping my fitness resolve. Today, muesli won the battle :)@ A.K, Priya, Anurag, and girl next door: Ya, I know what I should be doing in terms of fitness…but the whole resolve goes for a six the moment I think of food. can\’t help it. Big foodie 🙂

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