Quirky me…

1.Sometimes I repeat stuff four times or in multiples of four. Say a prayer four times, leave four missed calls if the person I’m calling up is unreachable at the moment, take four deep breaths when I’m stressed, and even count till four while I pee! I like think it’s just one of my quirks. Doctors call it “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” though.

2.Organizational freak. Think Monica Geller. It’s not just a chore for me. It’s something I look forward to every week. Organizing my closet, my study desk, and my cupboards gives me immense pleasure. My mother who never tires of complaining about my laziness often wonders how I dramatically get the strength to clean my room so often. Every time I see a messy drawer or closet, it takes a lot of self control to stop myself from organizing it. And “lists”. How can I forget about making lists? A part of my need for complete organization of every aspect of my life. I make lists, rewrite them, I schedule and I organize. The pleasure of crossing off completed tasks from those lists. I have innumerable tiny notebooks, filing systems, study lists, to-do lists, random scraps of paper stuck to the bulletin board, organizational software on my pc…I’ve done it all. The results are not always what I expected them to be. I waste more time than I can afford to in making these lists in the first place…but nothing can beat the pleasure of opening the blank page of a new notebook, pencil in hand and my mind working furiously at the prospect of organizing a new schedule and the best way to do it. Nerdy and oh so pathetic. I know. But I love it.

3.Listening to the song I love repeatedly till I get bored of it eventually. Much to the annoyance of those who are forced to hear the song along with me for the nth time. This usually happens while going out for a drive. At home, my parents go out of their way to gift me headphones. And I love drifting into a daydream, a different scenario each time, while listening to the song. No wonder the rewind and play buttons of my iPod have smudged

4.Love mush. Worship mush. It’s a wonder how even the corniest of lines can make me go “aaaaaaaaaaaaw” and make tears well up in my eyes. Even the most commercial, most manipulative Hollywood movies trying to cash in on the emotions of romantic fools like me, would have at least one moment which would make me go weak in the knees. I believe in love despite not so good personal experiences. And I so want to believe that the harsh real world, that I’ve become a part of as an adult, still has those perfect little moments of pure romance hidden in it. And the movies, books that glorifies love gives me hope that maybe someday I’ll have those moments too. And for a change they would be real and true.

5.I have a very odd sleep schedule. Wake up at 3am. Sleep at 2pm. Wake up at 4 pm. Sleep at 11pm. And the cycle repeats. You got the idea. This is only a sample. It varies every week.

6.I love writing in purple ink. I’ve got a very bad handwriting. But when I write in purple ink…it appears legible and very neat. Maybe only I think so. Because my professors still have a very hard time making sense out of my chicken scribblings. Thank God for the digital era. Typing makes the job so much easier.

7.I love writing on whiteboards. Making concept maps. Random thoughts. That’s the way I like to study instead of taking notes on paper. I’ve made myself a portable whiteboard by laminating a few sheets of paper glued together. And I find it a far more convenient and active way to learn than passively copying notes. Economical and environment-friendly too.

8.I never forget birthdays and anniversaries. Yes, there had been occasional slips. But those are maybe one in a million, or a thousand, I mean a few hundreds. And that doesn’t count too much.

9.I love sketching. I know I’m not good at it. But I still do. I like sketching eyes. And buildings. And trees. I can’t sketch hands.

10.I’d never had long hair. I’d always worn my hair short. Really short. I tried few times to grow my hair long. But could never tame my hair during that awkward phase when your hair is too short to tie in a ponytail but there are flyaway strands sticking in all directions. I ended up cutting it short again.

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