Life Of A Packrat

I’m a pack rat. I hate clutter. But I still hoard useless objects in my room only because I’m too sentimental about the memories attached to them. I tried to be ruthless in cleaning up my room and getting rid of the knick-knacks that have accumulated over the years, but failed miserably.

Few of the random things that I found while cleaning up my room today:

Several hundred comic books in the storage cabinet under my bed.

An old broken ruler that a guy I’d a momentary crush on in 9th grade had borrowed from me during exams and accidentally broke it. I’ve preserved the broken pieces too! I don’t know why; because I don’t even remember what the guy looked like!

A dozen old t-shirts I know I’ll never fit into. And even if I do, will never have the guts to wear in front of anyone. Think “tweety bird” prints in shocking yellow.

The first baby pillow I slept on.

Sketches I made when I was in kindergarten.

School badges, a library book I forgot to return at the year end.

Hundreds of postcards and greeting cards received over the years.

A set of few miniature animals made of glass. I won them as a prize about a decade back.

The English text book from 6th grade where I first read a concise version of Shakespeare’s plays. That prompted me to start reading the classics.

College year books, few photo albums with some hideous and very embarrassing pictures of mine which I know I’ll never show to anyone.

The Barbie kitchen set I used to play with, tiny pots and pans and a mini oven! My first doll, which has lost one eye and half of her hair over the years.

A pair of oh-so-pretty pumps in black leather that causes shoe-bite marks all over my feet every time I wear them. But they are too pretty to throw or give away.

A Frisbee disc.

A dismantled skeleton inside my cupboard; reminder of my first year in medical college.

Letters, old valentines.

Report cards, every single one of them. I’ve failed only once in a quarterly exam in the fifth grade in my least favorite subject…Hindi. I got 32 out of 100. Passing grade was 40. Shame. Shame.

Old video games.

And yes…even my chemistry set from school.

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